Thursday, 26 April 2012

Game 7 Preview

Tonight at 7:00pm the puck drops for game 7 between the Ottawa Senators and the New York Rangers, at Madison Square Gardens. Though the Senators blew a chance to close out the series on home ice in game six on Monday; I do believe that if you asked any of the players or fans at the beginning of the series that they would have gladly taken a game 7 against the 1st place Rangers. So now it's down to one game, win or go home. One of the biggest questions for the Senators going into game 7 is who will be inserted into the line, and play with Spezza and Michalek. In my opinion the only option they have is to put Silverburg back into the lineup. Management and the coaches made there decision last game, when they took Mark Stone out of the lineup and replaced him with Silverburg. This makes a statement saying that they think Silverburg is the better player and is prepared for the NHL. Silverburg's performance at game six can be understood considering a long flight and the lack of practice with the team. Silverburg, Butler, or Stone; the choice of the three rookies not only get a chance to play in game 7 but also have the opportunity to play on the first line, while the other two cheer from the stands. It is definitely positive news for the Senators down the line, with great young up and coming talent. The Senators as an organisation have never won a game 7 and are 0-4. Saying that the last time the Senators played in a game 7 was in 2004, when they lost to the Maple Leafs. Yet our team now has different expectations than in the past. Old Senators teams were expected to succeed and move on, where as this season our team was looking at just re-building. In the past the Senators may have crumbled under the pressure but not this year, we have a team that is resilient. Even when the chips are down our Senators rally back with a herculean like performance. So just like the Philly, Washington, LA, and Phoenix has done so far, I am predicting Ottawa will come out and win game 7. The city of Ottawa will erupt, and the Senators will go on to round 2. BELIEVE!