Friday, 28 June 2013

Alfie Returns

Daniel Alfredsson, the 40 year old heart and soul captain of the Ottawa Senators has decided to play at least one more season. Alfredsson told Swedish reporter Marie Lehmann that after taking some time off, he still had a desire to return. Alfredsson reported that he still had the urge to train and prepare for the season. He mentioned that the 2014 Olympics did not a play a role in his decision but that he would still like to try for another Gold Medal.

This is great news for the Ottawa Senators organization and for it's fans. Alfredsson is the face of the franchise, spending his whole career in a Ottawa uniform. He is the franchise leader in games played with 1,176, the leader in goals with 426 and the leader in assists with 682. For a combined total of 1,108 points in 1,176 games.

40 year old Alfredsson showed that he can still play at a high level, and led the team in points during the 2013 Stanley Cup playoffs with 10 points in 10 games.

So welcome back Alfie, we will never get tired of seeing you in a Ottawa uniform. You are a class act both on and off the ice.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

The BudLite Goal Light Lights Up My Life!

Canadian hockey fans will be familiar with Budweiser's newest ad campaign offering diehard fans like me an authentic looking (and sounding) red goal light.  Well, fellow hockey fanatics, yesterday my goal light finally arrived.

Once I cracked open the cardboard box and threw away the packing paper, I got to work synching the light to my Ipad.  I programmed the siren and goal light to go off for every goal in last night's game.  Lucky for me that the score was 6-5 for Chicago equalling a deafening and blinding total of 11 explosions of sound and light.

So.  My verdict on the game was 10/10 for excitement and my verdict is the same for the BudLite goal light.  It is awesome - a total 'Wow'.  It's an interesting idea for an ad campaign and well worth the $150 cost (well, my parents paid cuz it's an early birthday gift, but I'm telling them it's worth it)!

This year, the cup is up for grabs - there is no obvious early winner.  Keep scoring high guys - I'm loving the goals and the goal light and so are my neighbors!