Thursday, 23 June 2016

England Needs

England is about to enter the knockout stage of the European Championship. while watching there group stage matches I have noticed some things that the team can improve on, if they want to take it all the way!

1. England needs more scoring opportunities in the first half. They will not be able to make it very far by leaving everything to the last minute!

2. I would like to see Jamie Vardy play a bigger role. He played great starting against Slovakia, and surly the top goal scorer in the Premier League should not be coming off the bench!

3. England can not afford to give up late goals like they did in the match against Russia.

If England can fix these small issues I can see them going far in the tournament! Come on England!

European Championship Coverage

Having lived ten years of my life in London, I have very fond memories of watching English Football on BBC and ITV. Watching football coverage on Canadian television is not up to par and does not reach my high standards of football broadcasting that I have become accustomed to over the years. The good new's is that through the use of technology such Hola I am now able to watch live coverage of BBC and ITV through my computer.

BBC has immense coverage of Euro 2016 coverage lined up. All together BBC will be airing 140 hours of Euro 2016 programing across their four major channels. Gary Lineker will once again be the front man for BBC throughout the tournament. Gary alone is  a good reason why you should watch the BBC's coverage. BBC will also be airing three new football documentaries leading up to the June 10th kickoff. One which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Euro 1996, another the 1966 World Cup winning team and lastly one which will explore stories from past Euro competitions.

ITV will also have it's fair share of Euro 2016 coverage and will be airing two out of the three round robin match up's that England play's in. England's first and 3rd matches where they play Russia and Slovakia. England's second match on Thursday June 16th against Wales will be broadcast on BBC. Even if you Support another country England's coverage of the Euro's is definitely worth watching.
Here is the website which lists all the games covered by BBC and ITV.