Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Ottawa Senators 20 year old goaltender Robin Lehner Made his second straight start, and got his second straight win. This time doing it with a spectacular shut-out victory over the Boston Bruins who have seemed to have the Senators number over the past few seasons.

Lehner was backed up but good defensive play especially in the first two periods with fellow teammates blocking 10 shots, with most of the Bruins other shots being kept to the outside.
It was in the third period in which Young Lehner strived. The Bruins stormed the Ottawa net bumbarding Young Lehner with shots. Lehner stood strong, played well positionally and looked like a star veteran goaltender making 32 saves, 17 of them faced in the 3rd period.

In a game that turned out to be a goaltending battle between 20 year old Lehner and all star goalie Tim Thomas Lehner came out on top. Thomas did keep the Bruins in the game for the first 2 periods making unbelievable save after unbealivable save. Only Eric "the Great" Karlsson beat Thomas with a slapper from the point on the powerplay in the first. In the last 5 games Karlsson has opened up the scoring with the first goal in 4 of the games.

Friday, 24 February 2012

A Tribute to Ottawa Senators Goalie Craig Anderson-Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife

Anderson Cut By a Knife

The Ottawa Senators currently sit 7Th in the Eastern Conference with 72 points. Exceeding all expectations that were set upon them going into this season, but is all that about to come to an end.

Arguable the Senators most important player, goaltender Craig Anderson is out indefinitely according to the Senators, after a freak incident after Wednesdays game vs the Washington Capitals. According to reports, Anderson was at home preparing a late night meal when he cut his right hand and was rushed to hospital for immediate attention. The good news is that Anderson will be just fine, the bad news is that no other team relies on there number one goaltender like the Senators do.

Jason Spezza and Eric Karlsson have led the way offensively, but there is no way the Senators are in 7Th place without the goaltending Craig Anderson has provided for them. Anderson has been as sharp as a knife in the net. Somebody please get him a person chef!!!

So what are the Senators to do? Back-up goaltender Alex Auld has not played well all season. He will surely get the chance to start on Saturday against the Bruins but if he does not perform well expect young Robin Lehner get a chance to play with the big boys. Lehnere has not had a great season down in Binghton but that cant be put on him as he has a young inexperienced team in front of him. This could be a big chance for Lehner to show that He can be a NHL goaltender.

The Senators could go the trade route but there is not much out there for the Senators to acquire that would help the team. Josh Harding of the Minnesota Wild looks like he is ready to take on a starting role but the asking price is going to be too high for a rebuilding Senators team. Nabokov looks like he is going to resign with the New York Islanders. Dwayne Roloson has struggled in the net for the Lightning all year and at the age of 41 seems to be at the end of his career.

It looks like the the Senators are in a position where there gonna sink or swim with Lehner and Auld. I BELEIVE THEY CAN DO IT!! At least for the short term until Anderson gets back.If not cant Anderson just play with one hand?? I'm sure he will still be better then both Riemer and Gustafson of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Hockey Day In Canada

Today is hockey day in Canada a day in which we as Canadians celebrate our love and passion for a sport that was born in Canada and means so much to people like myself. The long cold winters we have in Canada provided us with the ice and conditions and over the years it has bonded Canadians together. Myself like many other Canadians eat, sleep and breath hockey. Across the country today from the east coast to the west coast of Canada from the the outdoor rinks in small towns to the NHL arenas in bigger city's Canadians will be celebrating the game that we love.

CBC has a triple header of hockey games that will be played today involving six of the Canadian teams. The first game at two o'clock in the afternoon involves the Edmonton Oilers and the Ottawa Senators. I am fortunate enough to be spending hockey day in Canada at Scotiabank place to watch the Senators play. There will be a ceremony before the game to honor Chris Phillips who played in his 1000Th NHL game as an Ottawa Senator on Thursday evening vs the Nashville Predators. Phillips not known for his goal scoring but rather his solid defensive play scored his first goal of the year and then added his second which turned out to be the game winner. Phillips is only the second Ottawa Senator to play 1000 games for the organization and is only the 25Th player in league history to play 1000 games for one organization.

So for this hockey day in Canada i will be celebrating not only the best sport in the world but a true Ottawa Senator in Chris Phillips. Happy hockey day in Canada to everyone and Remember Praise Phillips.

Monday, 6 February 2012


I could start off by talking about all the crappy refereeing that the Senators have endured during there latest 6 game losing streak but to non- Sens fans it will just come off as whining. I will take the high road and DIVE right into another topic.

With NHL trade deadline day looming and though they are on a six game losing streak the Ottawa Senators are still in the race to win a playoff spot in the eastern conference. For a team that was penciled in to be sellers at the beginning of the year, will the Sens make a splash at the deadline now that they have the options to be buyers? The answer should be NOOOO! If anything this six game losing streak has shown that the Senators are still a team in rebuild mood, they may be a step a head of where they thought they would be but it would be catastrophic to the organization for them to trade away the future for a rental player.

There have been many rental players who have come and gone and we have yet to see the cup come to Ottawa. There has been Oleg Freakin Saprykin who spent his time in Ottawa split between the stands and the forth line, and he cost the team a second round draft pick. who could forget Tyler Arnason from the 2006 run. He cost us another second round pick and Brendon Boychenski and he was even worse then Saprykin. He came to Ottawa out of shape and spent the playoffs watching from the stands, WHAT A BUST!!! In 2004 there was Peter Bondra, this one hurts a little because it cost the Sens prospect Brooks Laich who is now a decent player with the Washington Capitals.

I could go on with others but the point i am trying to make is it hasn't worked in the past when the Senators have had great cup contending teams,and it is NOT going to work now. Let the rebuild continue. Bryan Murray needs to keep stock piling the youth in the organization and if the Sens win the cup with the guys they have now that would be amazing, if not at least we can look forward to great young players like Mika Zibanejad, Mark Stone, Matt Puempel, Stefan Noesen and Jakob Silverberg competing for spots on the roster in the near future. With this plan the Senators can become a real contender as the team builds and grows together. So stick with the present plan of action and the Stanley Cup will be in Ottawa sooner then later.

And Remember Praise ALFIE