Monday, 4 April 2016

Wrestlemania 32 one for the ages!

Wrestlemainia 32 was in my opinion the best show in a long, long time. Not since Wrestlemainia 3 many years ago have we seen such high drama, excitement and surprising outcomes! I also understand that Wrestlemania 32 set a record for attendance at 101,763 —  wow! Moreover it was the highest grossing Wrestlemainia, earning more than $17 million. The fans came out in droves and, if results are measured in dollars and cents, this show was a WINNER!!!! Up until now, WWE had not had the best programing, but Wrestlemania 32 gives me hope that things are finally getting back on track. Thank goodness. For the record, here are some of my favorite moments from last night`s action. 

After a so-so match between The New Day and The League of Nations, the League of Nations issued a challenge, stating that no 3 men could defeat them and The New Day. Guess what???? The challenge was met by some of my favorite veterans — Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley as Cactus Jack and Stone Cold Steve Austin. What a troika of talent!! These veterans of yesteryear showed the League of Nations that they still had it in them by hitting all their signature moves, including my favorite — the old Stone Cold Stunner! 

One of the funnier moments in the evening came when the famous wrestling manager, Paul Heyman, entered the ring and was shocked by the enormity of the audience. He could only mutter out loud “oh my god!” before once again launching into one of his routine “Brock Lesnar is the best” monologues. Quite a moment which helped to capture this special evening. 

To my considerable surprise, the best match was not the headliner for the WWE championship [Triple H vs Roman Raines], but rather it was the women`s championship match. These ladies of the ring really showed the world that they can wrestle with the best on the grandest stage of them all. What a performance. 

By far the most shocking moment came when Shane McMahon leapt off the “hell in the cell cage” some 20 feet right on top of the announcers` table! What an incredible, and dangerous, move! This was by far the single craziest moment that I have ever seen in WWE history! And that my friend, is saying something. 

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my favorite moments of Wrestlemania 32. Dear readers, let`s hope that Producer Kevin Dunn and the rest of the WWE script writing team keep up the good work and the great shows keep coming! Party on fellow wrestling fans!! 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

5 Changes that Need to Happen to the Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators have had a disappointing season, coming of the miracle run that they had at the end of the 2014/2015 season. The owner of the Ottawa Senators Eugene Melnyk has stated that changes will be made. Here are five changes that I would like to see happen.

1.Coaching Change - This has happened too many times with the Senators since Bryan Murray has stepped down from his role as coach to become the teams general manager. Each time the new Senators bench boss has been a coach with very little or no head coaching experience. This trend needs to stop and a head coach with experience needs to be hired. 

2. Number 1 Center - Kyle Turris is a great player and in my opinion should be the best second line center in the league. Since Jason Spezza left the Senators, the team has been missing that big number one center that can put points on the board. If the team wants to make the playoffs and hopes to challenge for the Stanley Cup anytime soon, they must figure out a way to acquire a number one center via trade or free agency. Though winning the draft lottery would be nice.

3. More Ice Time for the Youth - Players like Curtis Lazar’s development have staled. Being down on the fourth line has not helped him grow into any type of offensive threat. Mike Hoffman the teams leading goal scorer has continually been demoted down the line up. It is important for young player’s to be able to grow and not just get stuck in a grinder role.

4.Trade Alex Chiassson - Please whatever they do this off season, I hope that they get rid of Alex Chiasson. He is given way to much ice time that he does not deserve. I can not stand him getting chance after chance on the team’s 29th ranked power play. 

5. Goaltending - This one may not be as urgent as the first couple of changes that I have mentioned considering that Craig Anderson did have a pretty good year. The reality is that the Senators have traded away both Bishop and Lehner to teams in their own conference leaving behind an aging Anderson with no plan of secession in site.