Thursday, 10 December 2009

5 Main Questions

Going round and about over the net, I came across 5 basic questions that an expert in the development of aspiring hockey players, Kim McCullough, had said to be the questions “that every young hockey player looking to reach the highest level of their sport must ask themselves”. The article claimed that the answers to such questions would define whether a player had or not what is necessary to reach professional levels and outstand amongst average.
In my opinion these questions could be used in any field and for any carrier where one really wants to be successful, and that include teams. Therefore I would like to know from the Ottawa Senators Manager and Coach if they have not only asked themselves the questions but if they have asked their players and what were the answers???????? If the guys haven’t done it here goes the questions.

How bad?

How bad ado you want to win, what does it take to be the best?? Are we really doing what is necessary????? Are we all committed to the same objective??? What could be done to better express that winning is our main goal????? “Do we wish that to happen, or would we like that to happen, are we Making it happen???”


What else are you going to do, or sacrifice in order to get it??? Does everybody on the team knows what exactly is needed to reach the highest level of game that fans are hoping, not to mention paying for???

How much?

How much is everybody investing?? Is everybody really giving its best??? How much is the team putting into the game??? Is it enough???? What else could be done???


Why are we doing it?? Is it for the money? Is it just to shut up fans, or to make the managers happy??? To justify our big fat salaries, or is it for the love, passion??? What motivates each individual and of course the team as a whole?

Do you love it?

This could be slightly changed for; does everyone involved with the Senators team really love the game???? Is it the food that you eat and the air that you breathe????

Well I would definitely love to hear the players’ answers for these questions.

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