Monday, 28 June 2010

and now Nick presents "The Holy World Cup"

Every sport has its main attraction, for tennis there is Wimbledon, for Rugby there is the 6 nations, for golf there is the Masters and for football you have the World Cup. I like football, don't get me wrong, the point is that no other sport is able to produce the amount of fanatics then football, I mean how many riots have you heard that have caused by a golf fan that was unhappy with its choice of support????? The biggest scandal in golf was involving Tiger Woods, and actually he was only doing something that among the football world is as trivial as playing football itself. There seem to me as if there is a sort of fanaticism within the football world, that goes far and beyond what one could consider healthy, it is something close to worshiping. It makes me wonder, would football be the new mass religion, and the world cup the main cult???????? I leave the question open for public answer.

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