Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The two most important parts of the Summer

I love summer, being a Canadian is not hard to understand why. After temperatures that can reach -20o Celsius, and never ending snow storms, you don't need to use rocket science to figure out that summer has the taste of prize, if managed to survive the winter, now it's time to lay on the sun, and enjoy the Stanley play offs and the big final, every thing you survived winter for.
From then on, I must admit that things become a little boring as, I am not a huge fan of summer sports, I start to dig deep into sports television to find a piece of sports entertainment, that could be used to spend the rest of the season. NASCAR and Golf become my two best friends, but I am always counting down the days for the summer to end then I know NHL conferences will start pretty soon.
Today as I looked into the schedules for the season to come, I caught myself thinking that summer was taking too long. I need hockey and I am ready for the action. Let the boys hit the ice!!!! I have already started doing my arrangements so that I don't miss a single second of any game, had to speak with the TV broadcasting provider in London to make sure that they solve last year’s problems, and also make the broadcasting a little bit more interesting. Hope it works.
As for now I can only wish that summer is over soon, and that autumn brings back the hockey and all its emotions.
GO Sens GO

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