Monday, 6 February 2012


I could start off by talking about all the crappy refereeing that the Senators have endured during there latest 6 game losing streak but to non- Sens fans it will just come off as whining. I will take the high road and DIVE right into another topic.

With NHL trade deadline day looming and though they are on a six game losing streak the Ottawa Senators are still in the race to win a playoff spot in the eastern conference. For a team that was penciled in to be sellers at the beginning of the year, will the Sens make a splash at the deadline now that they have the options to be buyers? The answer should be NOOOO! If anything this six game losing streak has shown that the Senators are still a team in rebuild mood, they may be a step a head of where they thought they would be but it would be catastrophic to the organization for them to trade away the future for a rental player.

There have been many rental players who have come and gone and we have yet to see the cup come to Ottawa. There has been Oleg Freakin Saprykin who spent his time in Ottawa split between the stands and the forth line, and he cost the team a second round draft pick. who could forget Tyler Arnason from the 2006 run. He cost us another second round pick and Brendon Boychenski and he was even worse then Saprykin. He came to Ottawa out of shape and spent the playoffs watching from the stands, WHAT A BUST!!! In 2004 there was Peter Bondra, this one hurts a little because it cost the Sens prospect Brooks Laich who is now a decent player with the Washington Capitals.

I could go on with others but the point i am trying to make is it hasn't worked in the past when the Senators have had great cup contending teams,and it is NOT going to work now. Let the rebuild continue. Bryan Murray needs to keep stock piling the youth in the organization and if the Sens win the cup with the guys they have now that would be amazing, if not at least we can look forward to great young players like Mika Zibanejad, Mark Stone, Matt Puempel, Stefan Noesen and Jakob Silverberg competing for spots on the roster in the near future. With this plan the Senators can become a real contender as the team builds and grows together. So stick with the present plan of action and the Stanley Cup will be in Ottawa sooner then later.

And Remember Praise ALFIE


  1. From a business standpoint, I say they should most definitely rent...unless they get a super discount for buying....however, i doubt that will happen...I know you would have to pay me a mighty premium for playing for the sens....the habs on the other hand... :P

  2. "So stick with the present plan of action and the Stanley Cup will be in Ottawa sooner then later." ...i say later. but you are going to owe somone a good ten canadian dollars a year if you stand by your team :)!