Thursday, 29 March 2012


So the NHL has reached the home stretch of the season, and everyday in the league standings teams are being mathematically eliminated. It was a joyous occasion on Tuesday night as the Toronto Maple Leafs were officially eliminated from making the playoffs. This would be 7 years in a row that the Maple Leafs have missed the playoffs, so i have decided to dedicate a blog to the top 10 reasons the Toronto Maple Leafs suck so bad.

10. They can't spell properly. It's LEAVES NOT LEAFS!

9. BOB COLE - No explanation needed.

8. Brian Burke - He wanted to make Toronto a tough team, but i have never seen a bigger bunch of little girls in my life.

7. Phil Kessel - Has to be one of the worst trades ever.

6. Goal-tending- Tuka Rask for Andrew Raycroft- ouch that one has to hurt.

5. Since When is a Maple Leaf blue?

4. No depth up the middle. They spent years looking for wingers to be able to play with Mats Sundin, and now that they have solid wingers they wish they had a big skilled center man like Sundin. OH WELL, THAT SUCKS.

3.Poor Scouting- They have not had a pick from the draft turn into a star player in quite some time.

2. They have no idea how to rebuild- Too many draft picks traded away , not enough patience.

1. And the number 1 reason the Leafs suck. 1967 - the last time when the Leaf's won the Stanley cup, or even made it to the finals.




  1. Hey did you see the Leaf fans chanting lets go Blue Jays as the Flyers beat the Leafs 7-1

  2. There was also a leaf fan with a paper bag over his head sitting next to a montreal fan with a bag on his head.

  3. just LOVED this blog - always love a chance to rake those sorry Leafs over hot coals and Nicholas you are BURNINè it up ! Keep it up !
    ( from another bag carrying Habs fan !)

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  5. Ouch! One Torontonian reader hurting in London. Almost as much as I miss you! Thanks for the great reporting recently, though Hockey Ambassador. I've really enjoyed keeping up with all things hockey... x

  6. Hey Nick,

    Even as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, I read your post and laughed hysterically!!!

    Did you know that I found gold and platinum seats, for two different games in February, and I turned them down --I'd rather give my money to a bum on the street!

    Anyhow, good luck with the Rangers, the Sen's are going to need it.

    Matt Kamaratakis

  7. Hi Nick,

    I actually found myself cheering for the Senators last night. What a goal by Turris in O.T.!!! I think that I'm going to watch the Highlights later, on TSN, just so I see it again.

    Go SENS GO!!!