Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The WWE Network in Canada

On Tuesday August the 12th the WWE Network launched in Canada on Rogers television, and though the live streaming content is great, the on demand library feels like a spit in the face to WWE’s Canadian fans. The WWE already had Canadian viewers waiting as the American version has been up and running since February. With the Canadian version you are already paying more, $11.99 compared to the $9.99 our American neighbors are paying. The American version has a full list of Content that viewers can go back and watch while the Canadian version has this.... 

Don't get me wrong there are some great shows on the Network, and I love the old content especially the stuff from the attitude era but for the last 6 months I have been watching Raw and Smackdown and have been told how great the WWE Network was for only $9.99 a month without being able to watch it. When it finally comes to Canada and I am able to order it I get sold this watered down product for more money.  Canada is a big market for the WWE so I suggest that they pull up their socks and get it together.  It would be a shame if the WWE Network continued to fail as I believe the concept behind it is great for WWE fans. I just hope they can sort this out sooner rather then later and give the Canadian fans the same viewing pleasure as our neighbors to the south.

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