Friday, 27 March 2009

The Mission

Every guy comes into life with a mission, and my mission is to promote Hockey in the world. I love hockey, I breathe, eat and drink hockey. Nothing gives me more pleasure than "buh buh BUH buh BUH buh! " (sing with me!)(I know you know exactly what I am talking about, you wouldn't go around searching for hockey blogs if you didn't), when I hear this song! Why did CBC lose the song? Let's not even go there!

I was born and raised in the all mighty Canada, I am Canadian and that makes me very proud. Hockey was always a part of my life, a big part I should say, in fact I think it's the biggest one. Forget about Xmas, Easter, family; my passion is Hockey Night in Canada, I sympathize with New Year's though (there is a hockey game on this day, I always make sure I don't miss it). I was born in Canada, although the wheel of destiny has made of me a Canadian Citizen of the World, and now I find myself living in the multiethnic LONDON, quite nice I should say (they even have an iffy Ice Hockey league). I have been here for quite a while, and have managed to watch every NHL hockey game I can, meaning every hockey game ever shown on TV or over the web.

For this reason I am using this space to share, with whoever is as passionate for the sport as I am, my experiences, thoughts, pictures and much more. So welcome to The Embassy of Hockey!!! Fron the UK, reporting for NHL, you're watching Nicholas Wright!

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