Friday, 3 April 2009

The Heat was on...and now it is off

Out of the Playoffs. One more season is about to end, and the hopes of every Sens fan are being washed down the plughole.

What to say at a time like this? Can we blame someone?? Could we say it was the coach’s fault??? We probably could, he is no longer coaching the team, but it would be kind of unfair. When a team is not doing well, chances are that it’s a group failure. With a team, there’s no such a thing as one guilty individual.
Looking back to the beginning of the season, when everything was possible, and everyone’s hope were high, the Sens started a little slow. Both games in Stockholm weren’t that brilliant, although a victory and a loss evened the odds and Fans kept their hope.
Back in Canada, things did get very dramatic; the team started wasting opportunities for scoring, some games were pretty disappointing. It was on every guy's face that the team was not synchronized anymore, they were not playing as a team. It makes me wonder, where the hell did we lose it, where is our skill, confidence, team playing and desire to win???? I try to spot the warriors inside those players and can't find it. But they were there last season.
Stuntman Stu commented on his blog the following "... Have the Sens fans been spoiled?" I think we did get pretty spoiled by the good performance of our team (in so little time), and that is why we, well at least me, were expecting a little bit more, if not victories, then at least a good battle. I wanted to see those guys really giving it, fighting for a victory and an engraved space on the Stanley Cup. So as a spoiled child my job is to complain, cry and complain again, fall into the floor and say: "Why God, why??????" The Senators reduced to Plebeians in the league. Although the good thing is, after the season is over, all I will have to do is take the whole awful experience and wipe this season from my memory - then hope, wish and pray that we do better in the seasons yet to come.
This was Nicholas Wright, your Ambassador for Hockey speaking from London.

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