Sunday, 12 April 2009

Stanley Cup Play Offs

There is a time in the year when my heart just blossoms with joy and happiness, and this time "The Play Offs". It does not matter is my team has made it or not, course it would be better if it had, but lets face it hasn't; one more time they've drowned before reaching the shore.
In my opinion the teams that have made it really deserved to be there, the Montreal Canadiens had a difficult beginning but surely showed their strength had got back to the game. Boston Bruins, what to say they've had a brilliant start and kept themselves there (very difficult task). New York Rangers they passed through the season as if in a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, but theve made it which proves that there were more ups than downs. The Canucks had a good overall performance but they still have to find out the best way to put their puck into the net, hope they do it for this season. And to make justice Detroit's performance was absolutely amazing, great chances of winning the Staley Cup, if I was allowed to say.
So the heat is on, the dice have been thrown and may the best win.

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