Thursday, 2 July 2009

S- PUCK - tacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For any hockey fan this period that encloses July to October is what I could call limbo. It’s not happy nor sad, it is just there. NHL is over, Basketball is over, Football is also over, and we are left with things like golf and tennis to entertain our sports time on TV. Of course one could also re-watch all the passed games, but lets talk about it, watching old games just puts me puts me on the mood for new ones which on be here before October. So NHL is over, Pittsburg Penguin won the cup, and for my dear Senators we were left with the hope, of maybe next year.

Everything seemed calm and settled, until today, when I had the unexpected visit, one to make any hockey fan green of envy.

I had two NHLers over for some drink. Two of the greatest Calgary Flames players: Perry Berezan and Colin Petterson, they were here, on my living room, drinking my beer, laughing at my jokes, and I had, for a couple of hours, the honor of having the glorious Stanley Cup ring on my middle finger. The ring is huge, magnificent, and HEAVY! I think that most of its weight has to do with the effort and the amount of soul that was dedicated to the games that led to victory. I must confess that it was very difficult to give the ring back to its owner, although I know that you must deserve one of those, you must battle for it on the ice. I was left with a picture of it and some great memories of the visit, plus new friendships, the guys are really great: very charismatic, down-to-earth people with a lot in common with me, especially when the subject is Hockey.

Just more prove that the guys are awesome, not that they need any... but they can serve as an example, they have just come from a trip to Afghanistan, where they went to visit the Canadian army camp, and play a little hockey with the soldiers. I know it does not sound much, but if you had been in Afghanistan like those guys are, you would know that it means everything to know that some of your idols care about the job that you are doing, they care to the point that they go there and visit you. Great guys these two.

I would also like to use this posting to make a public thank you note to Perry and Colin for all the memorabilia, and the care that you guys presented me with.
Thank you guys, you are the best!!!!!!!

This is Nicholas Wright posting from the Embassy of Hockey in London


  1. Nicholas,

    A friend of mine found your site and sent it to me. First, those were very nice words so thank you! Marie and I really enjoyed our visit with you and your parents. I hope that your summer was good. I'm sure you are very anxious for the hockey season to start too.What are your thoughts on the Danny Heatley situation?
    Take care of yourself. My email address is I'd love to hear from you.

    Take care,


  2. Nick,

    Great seeing you again!! It's time for you to comment on all of the free agent signings and the draft!

    Look forward to reading it later this week...or I will keep on you like a dog on a bone!

    Take care,