Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Comprehensive beginners' introduction to MY culture

Dear reader,
Until now, I have somewhat neglected my duties as an Ambassador! I should be representing MY hockey culture and way of life to those who are reading this blog. I have found the perfect video to introduce an absolute hockey beginner to hockey culture, Canadian hockey culture, Canadian culture, and Ottawa hockey culture...MY culture.
Here is a list of the words and phrases that will help you in understanding the video. Please watch carefully and look up any terms you don't understand online (maybe wikipedia would help). I think this video and vocabulary could serve as anyone's introduction to the culture I know and love.
The Hockey Ambassador

Ottawa - Birthplace of the Stanley Cup

Rideau River

Lord Stanley

Stanley Cup

80 years ago


Senators Fans

HNIC (Hockey Night in Canada)

HNIC Music - Theme

1992 - Senators Reborn

Don Cherry - Don Cherry's suits, Don Cherry's straight talk

Ron McLean




Rock 'em Sock 'em


Oh Canada

Oh Canada in French

Playoff Beards

The Maple Leaf and the Canadian flag

1927 - last win over Boston 3:1


Face Off

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