Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Autumn is here therefore THE LEAFS ARE FALLING!

"The falling Leafs drift by the window.
The falling Leafs of white and indigo".

It is with an inexplicable pain in my chest (maybe the fact that I've been laughing so hard could explain the chest pain, you never know), that I come now to this blog to speak about the Leafs. How depressing has their performance been?? Well the answer seems pretty clear -- very depressing. Six games and not a single victory. They battled les Canadiens, which cannot be considered a hard opponent, as their performance has been extremely inconsistent. But the Leafs??? On the ground, as autumn leaves should be. Then came the Capitals. We are talking after all about a team that holds a realistic prospect of making the playoffs. So ok this one the Leafs could get away with: Leafs 4, Capitals 6. Third game and here comes a team that the Leafs love to beat -- the Ottawa Senators. Hstory has told that most of the games where these two Canadian rivals meet, the Leafs end up with the victory. But noooo, not this time. Toronto 1, Ottawa 2. Not a great victory for the Sens, but still a victory. Three more points on da big board! The citizens of old Hog Town must be having a hard time sleeping.
Three more games, three more humiliations. Pittsburgh scored 5, Rangers 7 and Colorado 4, and the Leafs adding up their goals from those 3 games could only muster what Pittsburgh got in one -- 5. It`s been 40 years since their last Stanley Cup, and it is now looking like it will be 41. It might be a good idea to consider creating a Don Cherry cup to give to the poor things. A trophy for the competition spirit and never giving up --I mean competing for 40 years and loosing season after season, many teams would have already hung their skates. Maybe the Leafs are a case of TAS. For those unfamiliar with the acronym here is what it means: "Try Another Sport". Who knows maybe... curling. I can see it now – “TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS CURLING CLUB". With luck, the Leafs` fans wouldn’t even notice the difference.

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