Sunday, 6 September 2009

My Top Ten Must-See Hockey Games of the 2009-2010 Season

Thanks to the hockey blogosphere I got the idea of making a list of my Top Ten MUST SEE Hockey Games of the 2009-2010 season. Here they are, in reverse order of importance, starting with number 10. I've also given the reasons I wouldn't miss them for the world. Count on it, I'll be watching these games with interest!

Must-see Game Number 10

Sens on ice again

On September 15th Ottawa faces the Halifax Panthers in their first pre-season game. This will be my first chance to see the Sens in aciton in almost 5 months. Go Sens Go!

Must-see Game(s) Number 9

Sens vs. Montreal

On September 18th the Senators meet the Canadiens in an exhibition game that will have lots of drama! Wearing a new Senators jersey former Canadiens star player Alex Kovalev will face his erstwhile teammates at the Bell Centre, Montreal's home ice. (I’ll probably watch all Sens vs Montreal games – long-standing historical and family rivalries are at stake!)

Sens vs Toronto

On October 6th the Sens face their arch nemesis those miserable Maple Leafs in their very first game of the season! Go! Sens! Go!

Must-see Game Number 8

Opening game of NHL season – Montreal vs Toronto

On October 1st we have a treat of 4 Canadian teams making up the 8 teams who face one another on fthe first day of the NHL 2009-2010 season. This is when it all begins and will set the tone for the season to come. I'll be watching the Montral vs. Toronto game. A great chance to see the Sens two biggest rivals in action.

Must-see Game Number 7

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ first game of the season

On October 2nd we'll have a chance to see what form last year's Stanley Cup winners are in after the summer training. Its at home in Pittsburgh and it will be fun to see the home crowd go wild for their heroes. It'll also be a chance to see how Canadian player Sidney Crosby is doing keeping his inclusion in the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team in mind.

Must-see Game Number 6

Penguins vs. Capitals First Face-Off

It'll be great to see these VERY competitive local rivals lock sticks for the first time of the season on October 6th. Should be entertaining hockey.

Must-see Game Number 5

Buffalo vs. NY Islanders

I hate the Buffalos Sabres, so grab any chance I get to see them get thrashed! I think the NY Islanders have the best early-season chance of humiliating them.

Must-see Game Number 4

Hockey Day In Canada

On January 30th 2010 all six Canadian teams play each other! There will be great CBC coverage and HOURS of hockey-related Canadian TV. Its a great thing when Canadians dedicate a day to their favourite sport.

Must-see Game Number 3

All the hockey games in the Vancouver 2010 olympics

Canadian will be playing its national sport on home ice for the first time since the 1988 Calgary Olympics. I'll be watching as the Canadian team goes for Gold! There will be lots of great talent represented on all the competing national teams and it's always interesting to see the combinations of players the are created in the olympic teams.

Must-see Game Number 2

The 2009-2010 Stanley Cup Final

Self-explanatory, I think.

...and my Number 1 Must-see Game of the 2009-2010 season is....

The last Sens game of the season

Whether it be an early scheduled game, eastern conference final game, or, here’s hoping(!!), a Stanley Cup final game, I know I’ll be watching!

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