Saturday, 17 April 2010

Countdown to the Stanley Cup... Go Sens Go!

My playoff beard is growing thick and fast. Why? Because the Sens are in the quarter finals for the Stanley Cup playoffs 2010.
There's tough competition in their division - the Bruins, the Sabres and last year's Stanley Cup winners the Penguins. It would seem their hardest competition will be their first as the Ottawa team is across the ice from those little penguins! With Canada's Golden Boy Sidney Crosby on their side, the Pittsburgh team is a formidable foe.
But have faith. Two games in and the trusty Sens have put up a good fight. They won 5:4 in their first game on Pittsburgh's home ice. In yesterday's second game, the Sens lost 2:1 BUT it was only in the third period and they showed their stuff, even with the absence of Kovalev (Here's to your speedy recovery, Kovi! - see you next season!)
Cory Clouston has done a great job as coach since he came to the Sens in 2009. He's certainly an improvement on Craig Hartsberg - we didn't even make it to playoffs last year. Over the course of the season he's really shown that he can motivate the players. Keep it up coach!
I'll be tuning in over the internet on NHL Centre Ice for the third and fourth games on Sunday and Tuesday... I'll be fulfilling my ambassadorial duties and sharing hockey games with as many people as possible here in England. And if they ask about the beard, well I'll just say:
"Go Sens Go!"
Really believe the Sens are going all the way this year.
And no matter what happens... we Sens fans will be happy to know that the Leafs never even made the playoffs.
Go Sens Go!

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