Saturday, 24 April 2010

Versus Coverage of the Playoffs

Hey everyone,

A quick note that my beard is still in full force for game 6 tonight! I'm proud of the performance by the SENS and particularly suprised at how well Le claire has pulled things together, and couldn't be happier with his goaltending in game 5. Keep going SENS! (more on that soon)

For now I'd like to make a complaint about the coverage of the playoffs by Versus. I don't see why they feel the need to leave out all the pre-game events such as: the players entering the rink and the national anthems. In my books these are important parts of the build up to the game and helps viewers feel more like they are actually there!!

In particular for me, every Ottawa v Pitsburgh playoff match so far has been covered by Versus and the pre-game build up has been consistently underwhelming/non-existant. The Versus coverage switches to comercials every few minutes and then picks up on the game basically as the puck drops! This isn't exactly giving the veiwers a feeling of whats happening at the arena. In other words... boring.

Because I am as you know watching the games from Europe the NBC coverage which still includes all the pre-game goodies is often effected by bad reception, so I'm forced to watch the Versus coverage. I wish they would realise the value of showing all the action on the rink, as it is ALL the things that happen on the ice that best show the spirit of hockey.

I'll be posting about the Sens v Pens game 6 soon. Fingers crossed!


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