Tuesday, 4 May 2010

When not watching Hockey!!

Ok, I am the Hockey Ambassador, therefore my duty in life is to watch Hockey, of course being a very hard working ambassador as I am I not only watch, but I breath and eat hockey. Although, sometimes I also allow myself some other forms of entertainment, such as concerts and movies.
So today, as I have seen a great amount of movies (blame it on the London weather), I decided to give my followers a quick, yet sensible, review on some late releases.

Kick-Ass (2010) - What to say, it is a silly movie?? No doubts about it, but what is wrong with that, I don't really go to the movies all the time with the patience to see a serious plot or drama, actually lately I have been extremely bound to the idea of watching something that makes me laugh for nothing. Sit down, lay back, pick that large, actually extra large, bucket or popcorn, laugh and relax.
So if you are looking for a movie that has a good story line, great actors, such as Nicholas Cage and great action. Go for it, Kick-Ass is your movie.

Iron-Man 2 (2010) - Here goes one more film of the series "America is in Danger". Isn't it great that America just loves to be hit by all sorts of things, you name it, it has been invaded by Aliens, the White House has been several times destroyed by bombs, huge explosions, natural disasters, all sorts of bad guys. I love it!! In this movie we find the typical Bad Guys versus Good Guys and all that drama, and guess what happens in the end??? Ok, you might already have the answer, it wouldn't be my first option but if you have some time in hand just go and check it out, full of thrills, car races, sky diving, explosions, punches and kicks, and for the ones that are thinking of taking their girls along there is a love story line for them too.

The last on for this quick review is Date Night (2010) - The movie is good in cast and action. Although it is a movie for married couples, I don't belong to this team, so it wasn't as funny for me as it would be for a guy that had been married for a couple of years. Nevertheless it is a funny movie, filled with incredible coincidences or should I say un-coincidences. Worth checking.

That would be it for the nights guys.

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  1. LOVED Kick Ass! Seriously guilty pleasure, that one!