Wednesday, 29 December 2010

HBO's 24-7 Penguins-Capitals - Road To The NHL Winter Classic - Ambassador's Review

What a program! No wonder it has been praised all around the sports' world. It is a wonderful way of watching a game. The series, like everything that HBO produces, carries great quality, the sound track was very carefully selected and it matches every moment like a glove. As the program is a hockey inside out, the viewer has the opportunity to meet the real player behind the locker room's doors. I was fascinated to find out some players personal lives, aspirations and also disappointments. Everything is great including what the boys do while travelling away from home in order to be able to cope with the stress of the games and being away from their loved ones. The little tricks, the pranks, dinners out and small parties. Every little helps.
It has also been a great eye opener concerning training strategies, for the ones that think that being a professional payer is something easy, the amount of work those guys do in and out side of the arena is fabulous, it is a constant search to surpass their own limits and capacities.
As every reality show, you can also expect things to be a little different form the REAL reality, everybody feels a little uncomfortable and awkward in front of the cameras. Although, that would not explain the language used. The locker room's language could make any Rock star blush, and for that I apologise. If I was asked to give a tip of advice (I would have the support of the players mothers) for the sports people out there it would be - "Wash your mouths with soap!" Even though the sports world is a world for rough and though, it still plays as an example for the youngsters so it would be more pleasant to be a good example. It is very difficult to explain to a 10 year old that yes "Ovechkin can say f**k, but you can't!!".
I do believe if players, coaches and everyone involved with sports put a little effort into reducing the amount of curse words it would see the amount of followers increase dramatically. But as for the rest, congratulations HBO for delivering such interesting and amusing program. For the ones that are interested please watch HBO Canada every Wednesday there is a new program but there are reprises other days of the week the last program will be recorded on the 1st of January when the two teams finally meet at the grand Winter Classic.

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