Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The SeeSaw Season and Something to Look Forward To.

It has been a warm season, not a hot exciting one, but a wish-washy kind of thing. The season of 2010/11 could be described as seesaw play, most of the teams haven't been able to keep up with the good performance and for the majority of the games I have been taking the approach of "anything can happen". I mean a good renowned team can do brilliantly in a game and two days later loose miserably, and that is how this season has been, at least on my humble opinion.
Although HBO Sports, in other successful business enterprise has come up with a reality show where they are going to follow two great NHL teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington's Capitals through and thorough. The show will be consistent of 4 episodes where they will cover the two teams' rivalry, disputes, players' accomplishments/failures, injuries, management and more. Literally everything until the gran-finale: the great 2011 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, which will be played Jan. 1 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.
I had already heard of the HBO show, it has been done with other sports, although I haven't seen it before, when I read the show was going into the NHL, my heart grew warm, and I cannot wait for Dec. 15 when the first episode will go on air. I can never get enough of hockey, and a show going into the centre of a team, following their practices, games, backstage sounds like music to these hockey ears.
So, for my followers I leave this words: I will do my best not miss a single episode and I'll surely post on this space my findings concerning the HBO 24/7 NHL show. Keep on reading and in the case any of you having something to say about it, please drop a couple of lines.


  1. Whew, love it and good luck to the Sens! If you get the HBO show, I will watch it with you!!! Mum

  2. Mr. Hockey Ambassador... How much of the on ice fighting we witness is done for the barbaric fans? Men in the old days played the game without beating each other to a pulp. Why is it that no such restraint exists today? Is it just for the money? I might actually watch the game again if it were more about great skating & stick handling and less about boxing and wrestling. Your opinion would be appreciated.