Sunday, 10 February 2013

Snoozer of a Game

The Ottawa Senators game versus the Winnipeg Jets was the worst game the Senators have played so far this year. There was no flow to the play of the game and the puck could not seem to stay on anyones stick. Karlsson, who is having an unbelievable year, looked like Joe Schmo playing beer league hockey. I am not judging the effort level of the players, but that jump they had against Carolina on Thursday was not there yesterday afternoon.

The game as terrible as it was should not be setting off any alarms, as Ottawa has a young team that is bound to hit many highs and lows in this shortened NHL season. The one plus I could find out of yesterdays snoozer, was the play of goalie, Ben Bishop. Though I do find "Big Ben" sometimes looks awkward in the net, I do think he can be a serviceable NHL goalie, just not with the Senators; the game showcased him in a positive light. Hopefully, Ottawa can at least get there second round pick back when they decide to trade him later on this year.

So Sens fans, try and forget yesterdays game. I am sure it won't be too hard. McLean will have the team ready to play against the Sabres on Tuesday; Karlsson will bounce back; Andy will be in goal and the universe will be set right. GO SENS GO!

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