Monday, 13 January 2014

Stuntman Stu Interview

I’ve been a fan of Stuntman Stu since his days with ‘Three Guys on the Radio’ at Team1200, now TSN1200 Sports Radio in Ottawa.  He began his career in radio doing his stunts for a local rock station ‘TheBear’, in Ottawa back in the 90's.  Now Stuntman Stu is a part of the morning team at Majic 100 FM Radio in Ottawa, as well as being the PA announcer for the Ottawa Senators.  In 2004, he received a United Way community builder award, and was the recipient of a Canadian Association of Broadcasters Gold Ribbon award in 2005.  Stu is graduate from the radio broadcasting program at Algonquin College in 1997, and was chosen as the college’s top alumni in 2003.  He supports various charities including the CHEO foundation, Senators Foundation, Queensway Carleton Hospital, Boys and Girls Club, and Rogers House.   The Stuntman lives in Ottawa with his wife Connie, who also works in the radio broadcast business.  They have 2 children and love to spend downtime together as family, which is a bit of a balancing act considering their hectic schedules.  With all that in mind, Stuntman Stu- the voice from Sens games and the radio that I have listened to for years here in Ottawa, was kind enough to offer me, someone he has never met, his time for some personal and in depth questions.

Nick:  Should i call you Stuntman Stu, Stuntman, Stu, Schwartzy, or?
Stuntman:  You can call me whatever you like, most people call me Stu.  Visa usually calls me Mr. Schwartz when I've missed a payment.

Nick:  Your work in radio has allowed to do variety of things in different places over the years, like the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010.  You even got to see the epic Canadian gold medal Men’s hockey game.   Do you have a favourite work experience?
Stuntman:  I can't narrow it down to just one specific experience but the fact that I get to do this everyday is what I enjoy most.   OK, so I didn't really answer that did I?  My best moment happened recently when my wife and kids co-hosted the MAJIC 100 morning show with me on Christmas eve. 

Nick:  You’ve had the opportunity not only to go to all these different places, but also to try different roles and markets within the media, all while staying in Ottawa.  Why stay in the same place? 
Stuntman:  It's rare for sure to do it all in one place and there was a time when all I wanted was to move to Toronto or New York City.  I'm very happy to call Ottawa home and work in this city. 

Nick:  Working in radio has allowed you to explore many avenues.  You are very involved in charity work within the community- starting the ‘No More Bullies’ Campaign; and have even collaborated with Huff Estate Winery, in Prince Edward County, for ‘Stuntman Stu’s Red Line Merlot’ in 2008, where 2$ from every bottle sold went to the Ottawa Senators Foundation.  What adventure is next for you?
Stuntman:  That's what I wonder every day! I would love to do some acting in movies and recently had a small part in a CBC TV mini series that was shot in Ottawa.  I played a TV news announcer and had a blast shooting it! 

                       Click for more information 'No More Bullies'

Nick:  It is amazing that you get to try and do so many interesting things, while also making important contributions to the community.  You also seem like a very happy individual who is always laughing.  How important comedy in your life?
Stuntman:  You have to laugh everyday, some people take life too seriously.  My kids make me laugh which is the greatest feeling in the world.  My wife laughs too.. usually when I have my clothes off.   

Nick:  You are obviously a sports fan, and notably a New England Patriots Fan.  I am a Sens fan, a massive supporter of the Liverpool Football Club, and a bit of a WWE fanatic.  What sport do you think has the most passionate fans?
Stuntman:  Wow.. that's a loaded question!  My guess is soccer fans... my Father-in-law cheers for Juventus and he's nuts if they lose.

Nick:  Speaking of watching sports, I love to snack on junk food while the game is on.  I noticed that you made a New Years Resolution to eat less potato chips back in 2012?  How’d that go for ya?  What’s your favourite kind of potato chip now?  And what was your resolution this year?
Stuntman:  It didn't! I have ZERO will power.  Best chips are sour cream and onion and cheesies! 

Nick: You’ve met some incredible celebrities.  Who’d you like better Oprah or Ellen?
Stuntman:  They were both very nice, but Oprah grabbed my bum.  Well that's what I told people anyways...

Nick:  Why do you think ‘Cone-ing’ never took off like ‘Planking’?
Stuntman:  It involved more work than planking. 

Nick:  How much do you love Huey Lewis & the News?
Stuntman:  On a scale from 1-10, put me down for 10.  Huey was as cool as you wanted a rock star to be.  I've been lucky enough through my radio career to meet many musicians and he was one of the best.  Very down to earth guy.

Thank you to Stuntman Stu for his time and efforts.  You can follow Stuntman Stu at the following social media links:


  1. enjoyed the interview, Nick - good questions, good answers. Stuntman Stu is pretty funny, you must have had fun talking to him.